The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 067 - No Girls Allowed

March 26, 2015
It's a return to pre-reboot continuity as Ben and Josh hold down the fort with an old school episode. First up in Top o' the Pile, we wrap up Spider-Verse and touch on new ongoings for Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen. The comics world can't get enough of these spider-ladies, but neither can muster up any interest from Nason.

Later we talk God Hates Astronauts, Spider-Man & the X-Men and ask how long to keep a title on the fence before dropping it. Ben gushes about Hickman's Avengers. Josh makes a date with DC. We discuss Daredevil and other upcoming small screen debuts. Fortunes are made. Dreams are realized. Many a Can O' Beans is eaten on another all-new episode of the Near Mint Comic Show

Music in this episode by: Aretha Franklin, Weezer

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