The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 066 - Reboots Are Made For Talkin

March 11, 2015
With our own reboot just 3 fortnights in the rearview, the boys settle in to dissect Marvel's Universe-obliterating plans for Secret Wars, Battleworld and beyond. On the D.C. side of the street (soon-to-be side of the country). We brace changes and inevitable slate-wiping in Convergence. Do reboots help sales? Entice new readers? Offer fertile stories? Or just give us something to whine about.

All this, plus a Can o' Beans that Includes Rick Remender, Howard the Duck and SO much Carnage. Listen now, while this episode is still in-continuity. 

Music in this episode by: Tegan & Sara, Redbone

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