The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 053 - Peace, Love and Whoopie

December 20, 2012

Rising from the ashes in the wake of national tragedy, we offer up a pre-Christmas episode filled with peace, love and good will towards mankind… that, and game shows.  In the holiday spirit, we open things up by announcing a new charitable endeavor. before launching in the the comics-related task at hand. Spilling over from last episode, we take up Matchmaking in Minnesota's challenge to play the Newlywed Game geek-culture-style. Dark secrets are revealed as we find out how much Ben and Josh really know about each other. After that, we launch into some comic talk with The Walking Dead, Venom, B.P.R.D and a thorough post-mortem on Bendis' run on the Avengers. There's Spider-Man talk, of course, as we hurtle towards the dramatic conclusion of Amazing Spider-Man. Marvel NOW! talk continues, fueled by our exclusive info-graphic tracking the origins of Marvel's new titles.  Finally, it's back to the Game Show set for a high-stakes game of way-too-difficult Marvel trivia, with the loser forced to read a book of the winner's choosing for all of 2013. There's twists, turns, surprises and a musical gift to all our listeners to close out the show! Music in this episode by: Al Green & Annie Lennox, Elvis Presley, The Shins, Tom Petty, Ben Peirce

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