The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 051 - Stan Lee Cup Champs

September 20, 2012

Don't call it a comeback – we've been here for years! Despite all self-perpetuated rumors to the contrary, Ben and Josh are back for a 51st episode and doing so in championship style! This one is all about comics, baby! No movie talk, no industry speculation, no random tangents … well, almost no random tangents). In the obligatory Catchin' Up segment, we hear about Josh's upcoming world travels and the digital release of Ben's new film at Then the boys take a brief interlude to see the Stanley Cup. But after THAT it's all comics! In the first half of the show, we count down our top 5 comic stories of all time and dive into what makes each one desert-island-worthy. Then we get current with Marvel NOW! and a tour of the 616, through the lens of Josh Nason. After that, Ben takes us on a tour of the comics world outside the big 2, including the Rocketeer, Saga, Dark Horse horror and more. If you've been waiting 50 episodes for us to actually talk about comics, this will be our finest hour… or two. Music in this episode by: Pilotgroove, Queen, Tyler Trautmen, Reel Big Fish, Eminem

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