The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 041 - Nate Simpson

August 9, 2011

Ben Peirce returns with another NEAR MINTerview.  This time, our guest is Nate Simpson, the breakout writer/artist behind the hit new series Nonplayer from Image Comics.  Nonplayer #1 took the comics world by storm selling out across the country and grabbing tons of praise from critics and industry professionals alike.  Series creator, Nate Simpson, is a complete newcomer to comics after working primarily in game design. He's crafted an exciting story that blends elements of sword & sorcery-style fantasy with distopian future sci-fi and multiplayer online gaming with breathtaking visuals. Nate was recently honored at the Eisner Awards ceremony with the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award and with just one issue to his credit, he now faces down a world of great expectations.  He talks candidly about the challenges he faces as a new creator – honing his craft, meeting deadlines and responding to the pressure of new-found fame.  We discuss his inspirations as an artist and a writer, find out about the inner workings of Image Comics and talk in-depth about the world of Nonplayer. Listen in as we bear witness to a comics star being born.

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