The Near Mint Comic Show

Near Mint Ep. 039 - Frank Quitely

June 17, 2011

After an action-packed month of May, that maxed out our available bandwidth, the Near Mint Comic Show is back with this much-anticipated NEAR MINTerview. In this episode we call across the pond to talk to superstar artist, Frank Quitely. Frank's unique style and gift for storytelling, have propelled him to the top of the industry's A-list. Frank's recent collaborations with Grant Morrison have garnered praise from fans, won awards and spawned everything from deluxe hardcover treatments of the work to animated adaptations. In this conversation, we discuss Frank's early work for Judge Dredd and the genesis of his partnership with Morrison.  We dive into some of his recent work including the re-establishment of the X-Men in New X-Men, the iconic resonance of All-Star Superman the design of a new Batman in Batman and Robin and the chance to revisit old material in We3. We also discuss the challenge of balancing beautiful illustration with effective storytelling and get some of Frank's reading recommendations.   We're very excited to bring you this interview and we think you'll enjoy it!

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